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Best of The Engagex Blog 2021

For just over a year, we've been creating and sharing content with insurance agents in hopes of providing you with tips, new ideas, and insights about customer insurance reviews.

2021 has been a great year for us at Engagex, and we wanted to share our top 10 blog posts in case you missed any of them!


(5 min. read)

10 Common Objections to Customer Insurance Reviews

We've been setting appointments for insurance agents for over 15 years.

Our process has been proven time and time again, and because we've experimented with different methods and approaches to appointment setting, we've learned a lot about what produces quality results and what doesn't.

In our most popular post of the year, we cover the most common objections that customers have to scheduling an annual policy review, and how our callers respond to these objections.


(2 min. read)

Common Policy Review Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Customer insurance reviews are the best long-term strategy to create a valuable book of insurance business.

However, even once you’ve implemented a system to get customers in the door on a regular basis and review their policies, there are still some pitfalls that should be avoided to be as successful as possible.

In this post, we cover a few common mistakes that must be avoided to make your insurance review program effective.


(4 min. read)

12 Steps for Running an Effective Customer Insurance Review Meeting

Conducting a customer insurance review meeting may seem easy until you're face to face with a client and unsure what to talk about.

It can be trickier than you might imagine.

What's the right process? What do you say?

How do you make sure to review every aspect of every policy?

To break the process down and make it a little more clear, we're covering 4 actionable goals you should strive to meet each appointment, and 12 steps to make it a smooth process.


(2 min. read)

3 Reasons a Needs Assessment Form is One of Your Best Sales Tools

Up-selling or cross-selling existing customers can be the most significant source of growth and revenue for an insurance agent.

Cross-sold leads have the highest close rates of any marketing source at 85% and clients with multiple policies have a much lower probability of cancelling with your agency than mono-lined customers.

In this post, we share a tool - the Needs Assessment form! We go over how it helps agents cross-sell and why it's should be utilized.


(4 min. read)
10 Customer Insurance Review Best Practices from the Country's Most Successful Agents

Throughout our 15 years of setting appointments for insurance agents, we’ve conducted extensive interviews with some of the nation’s most successful agents to see how they utilize the Customer Insurance Review to grow their agencies.

As we’ve collected this information, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best practices for implementing a customer insurance review program.

These strategies, tips, and tricks can help any agent improve the results of meeting with their customers.


(3 min. read)

Are Customer Insurance Reviews Dead in The Digital Age of Insuretech?

While developments in insurance industry technology are rapidly increasing with some of the largest insurance carriers servicing their customers completely online, the question has to be asked: Are face-to-face customer insurance review appointments dead?

In this post, we look to industry experts and statistics to answer that question.


(4 min. read)

Customer Insurance Reviews & The Holidays

Should you be holding customer insurance reviews during the holidays?

We asked a sample of our customers what they’ve done in past holiday seasons, what they plan to do this year, and what the pros and cons are of what they choose to do.

We’ve compiled the data for you so you can look at the options you have and make a more informed decision about your customer insurance review process during the holidays.


(6 min. read)

How to Sell without "Selling": A Comprehensive Guide to Closing Sales without Looking Like Just Another Insurance Salesperson

Your Comprehensive Guide to Closing Sales without Looking Like Just another Insurance Salesperson

As we have covered many a time on our blog, the customer insurance review isn't the time to push and close the sale.

This post can be a comprehensive guide to the art of selling without appearing to your customers as if you just want to milk them for their money.


(5 min. read)

7 New Tips for Creating an Agency Culture of Receiving Referrals

It's not breaking news that referrals are valuable. They're usually the least expensive lead type to acquire and typically spend up to to 25% more on the initial purchase than non-referred customers.

We did some research to find tips and ideas that aren't necessarily common knowledge. Tweaking your current referral program or introducing a new element to it could give it the extra push it needs to really take off and bring in those treasured referrals.


(5 min. read)

9 Ways to Add Value to the Customer Experience & Keep Your Insurance Clients from Price Shopping

Insurance has become a commodity; when people can essentially get the same type of coverage from multiple places, they’ll usually choose the cheapest option.

As you know, agency growth comes from more than just acquiring new business - retaining your existing clients is vital for growth.

In a time when people can price shop for insurance with the click of a mouse, how are you supposed to keep their business?

We're sharing 9 things you can do to add value and keep your clients from price shopping.

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