10 Common Objections to Customer Insurance Reviews

Updated: Oct 15

At Engagex, we’re not shy about the fact that we’ve been setting appointments for insurance agents for over 15 years.

Appointment setting may sound like a simple and easy task to manage, but there’s actually a lot to it.

Our process has been proven time and time again, and because we’ve experimented with different methods and approaches, we’ve learned a lot about what produces quality results, and what doesn’t.

Our callers are trained to follow a word track while also maintaining a professional and friendly phone presence.

Call center agents reach out to insurance customers to set up customer insurance review appointments.

We train our callers to be warm and inviting, but not too pushy when it comes to objections to the appointment.

Whether you’re wondering how our callers handle these common objections because you’re thinking about using our appointment setting services, or you just want some tips on how your in-house callers can respond to common objections, this list is for you!

Common Objections & How We Respond

Here’s our initial explanation of the insurance review appointment as written in our word track:

“[Agent] would like to schedule an appointment with you in our office. We want to confirm that you’re getting all the discounts you’re eligible for and make sure your coverage selections reflect any recent life changes or future plans. The conversation should only take 30-45 minutes.”

It should be noted that our callers use the following responses at their discretion depending on each situation.

There’s typically not a one-size-fits-all solution to these objections, because we know your clients have different backgrounds and varying needs.

“Do I have to come in?” or “Is this necessary?”

We definitely don’t want your customers to feel pressured into an appointment, but we want them to know how it can benefit them so they can make an informed decision.


“This isn’t a mandatory meeting, but it’s recommended. [Agent] feels it’s in your best interest to review your policies every 1 to 2 years to make sure your coverage is up to date with any life changes. The meeting should only take about 30-45 minutes.”

“I think my policies are fine, is something wrong?”


“No, there’s nothing wrong. [Agent] likes to meet with his/her clients about once a year to make sure everything is current and you’re getting the best rates and discounts available this year.”


“There’s nothing wrong, this customer review is just a chance to talk with [Agent] about your policies to make sure you don’t have gaps or overlaps in your coverage and that you’re getting all the discounts you’re eligible for.”

“Why doesn’t [Agent] call me himself/herself?”

When our callers get this question, we make sure to be up front.

Insurance agent meets with her clients to review their policies and check for gaps or overlaps in their coverage.


“[Agent] has me schedule these customer review appointments for him/her so he/she can focus their time on meeting with their customers and making sure you get the best service possible.”

“Do you work in [Agent]’s office?”


“No, I actually work in his/her scheduling department which is outside the office.”


After hours callers can use this: “Actually, I work outside the office. [Agent] has me reach out to his/her customers after normal business hours to schedule these appointments.”

“I only have one policy with [agent/company].”

People often think that they don’t need a review if it’s only their auto or renters, etc.

But as you know, one of the main reasons these appointments are held is to multi-line your mono-lined customers.


“Even though you only have one policy with [agent], it’s still a good idea to review your existing coverage. As a free service, [agent] invites you to bring in any non-[company] policies that you may have so he/she can review those for you as well, to make sure there are no gaps or overlaps in your coverage.”

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“I’m too busy.”

This is a very common response.

Our callers check the notes of the agent they’re calling for to see if they accept phone or virtual appointments.

Busy mother sits with child while taking a phone call.


If phone/virtual appointments ARE available...

“It looks like [Agent] has some phone appointments available if you’re not able to make it into the office.”

If phone/virtual appointments ARE NOT available…

“I have appointments available through (latest date on calendar), if something a few days/weeks out would work better for your schedule. We’ll even give you a reminder call the day before your appointment.”

Last Resort

“I can give you a call back in a few months when maybe your schedule has cleared up. Is there a good time to call you back?”

“I don’t have my calendar/schedule with me right now.”


“Not a problem. We can do one of two things: we can go ahead and set up an appointment now if you feel fairly confident you’re available, and you’ll get a reminder call the day before. Or if it’s easier, I can call you back tomorrow/another day this week to schedule the appointment with you then. What works best for you?”


“Not a problem. I can call you back tomorrow/later this week to set up this appointment. And just so you know, [Agent] has appointments available through (latest date on calendar).”

“Is he/she trying to sell me something? I don’t want to buy anything, I don’t need more insurance.”

We get this one a lot.

As a reminder, the customer insurance review shouldn’t feel like a sales meeting.

The purpose of the meeting is to investigate possible needs/risks and educate the customer so that they can make an informed decision.

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“Oh, this isn’t a sales meeting. [Agent] wants to meet with you to review your existing coverage to make sure your insurance is reflecting any life changes and that you’re adequately covered. [Agent] may make some suggestions or recommendations specifically for you, but what you choose to do with those is entirely up to you.”

“Those life changes don’t apply to me. Nothing like that has changed.”

Appointment setter reaches out to customers to set up insurance review appointments.


“That’s okay! A lot of people don’t have life changes or aren’t aware which life changes could affect their insurance. Either way, it’s still a good idea to review your existing policies with [agent] to make sure everything is as it should be. This is also a perfect opportunity to see if you are eligible for any of our discount programs at this time.”


“This review is kind of like a dentist appointment. Sometimes you have cavities, sometimes you don’t, but it’s always a good idea to check each year just to make sure everything is going okay.”

“I don’t need a review - my insurance should still be the same.”

A lot of people don’t realize that even if their insurance is still the same, life changes could create gaps in their coverage.


“Your insurance is the same, but things can change in your life that can affect your insurance coverage. It’s important to review your policies periodically with [agent] to make sure your coverage is keeping up with what’s going on in your life.”

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These are some of our most common objections! We hope this gave you some insight into our process and maybe even helps you to train your in-house callers if you set appointments that way.

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