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Don't just take our word for it!

We've worked with thousands of agents for over 15 years.

See what they have to say about using Engagex to set their Customer Insurance Review appointments.

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Wallace Barber.jpg
"I've been using Engagex for going on 3 years now. They do a great job of not only setting the appointment, but also confirming the appointment. I have no complaints and would recommend them to any business owner interested in growing their business."

Wallace Barber

Insurance Agent

Caroline Dorris2.jpg
"I would highly recommend Engagex for appointment setting. They are a great virtual extension of my physical office. My customers really appreciated us offering appointment times to review their accounts in person. Engagex has been a major help with retention!"

Caroline Dorris

Insurance Agent

Todd Deiter.jpg
"Engagex provides a great opportunity for companies to stay in contact with their clients without bogging down your entire staff to do so. Use their resources, as an outbound retention center, for more appointments and building deeper, more profitable relationships with your customers."

Todd Deiter

Insurance Agent

Cecil Burt.jpg
"I have been using Engagex for about two years now. I am thrilled with how they keep my calendar full of appointments. I also appreciate how they follow up to confirm
the appointment and keep me informed."

Cecil Burt

Insurance Agent

Valerie Cherry.jpg
"Engagex has been very instrumental in assisting my office with appointment setting for insurance and financial reviews. They have also helped me to retain business by leaving me an email message of those clients who may be shopping around.
It has been a pleasure to work with them."

Valerie Cherry

Insurance Agent

Lisa Boston.jpg
"I have been using Engagex successfully for several months. For the past 20 years, I've used a team member to do this for me. What I’ve found is using Engagex is a MUCH more efficient use of time and money. We have a consistent touch base on all of our renewals and even if they don’t want to come in, it’s a much needed touch for retention."

Lisa Boston

Insurance Agent

Dennis Anderson.jpg
"I have had a very good experience with Engagex in setting up insurance review appointments...Matter of fact, I've had better responses from my clients from their calls than I've had in the past when I've used my own office staff. The Engagex team makes our clients feel that they're hearing from us, yet their presentation is persuasive in a non-invasive way. They are also persistent in following-up the day before the appointment to remind and confirm. Their website calendar feature is an excellent and interactive way to plan when appointments are desired, to know what's been scheduled, and to make changes or to overlay your own in-house appointments into time slots that were previously blocked-out for Engagex. I definitely recommend Engagex to agents who want to be proactive in taking care of client needs, expanding their clients' book of business, and encouraging referrals."

Dennis Anderson

Insurance Agent

Lee Corbin.jpg
"Engagex continues to provide our team with a great appointment setting service and excellent customer service when navigating obstacles!"

Lee Corbin

Insurance Agent

Zach Carpenter.jpeg
"Engagex helps fill my calendar when I don't have time to. I've always been told to outsource as much as I can and Engagex helps fill that void. I highly recommend this service to stack your calendar for success!"

Zach Carpenter

Insurance Agent

Linda Brandon.jpg
"My calendar stays full all month with appointments for myself and my team. We are able to help more policyholders and their response is always: "It was really rewarding meeting with my agent, I feel cared about and I'm not just a number". The positive feedback from my policyholders means a lot to me. My team and I have been able to build better relationships and sell more protection than ever before. Thank you Engagex!"

Linda Brandon

Insurance Agent

Mark Curi.jpg
"I've only worked with Engagex for 3 weeks but must say they come thru on their promises. Especially during this critical time period, it is so important to reach out to our clients to let them know we do really care about their well being. I have doubled the amount of appointments I'd like and they have not missed a beat. I highly recommend their program and wished I had started with them years ago."

Mark Curi

Insurance Agent

Tom Benisch.jpg
"Engagex is always consistent and is excellent at booking client appointments. I have been using their services for about 2 years and am a happy client!"

Tom Benisch

Insurance Agent

Ric Baldiviez.jpg
"Engagex is great to work with. Outstanding service and they get results."

Ric Baldiviez

Insurance Agent

Hunter Bolden.jpg
"Engagex has gone above and beyond for us at State Farm and I appreciate everything you do!"

Hunter Bolden

Insurance Agent

Cary Charlson.jpg
"Engagex does a great job setting IFRs for us! They are also great communicators."

Cary Charlson

Insurance Agent

Diane Banks.jpeg
"Just completed my first month with Engagex and it is great! I love the ease of their website and the follow-up they have with reminders."

Diane Banks

Insurance Agent

Jamie Barger.jpg
"This has been a very efficient process to make sure I am offering a review to all of my insureds."

Jamie Barger

Insurance Agent

Riz Mulla.jpg
"Superior and excellent customer service. They made my appointments and followed up with my clients. Very satisfied at this point!"

Riz Mulla

Insurance Agent

Paul Hagemann.jpg
"We're about mid-pack with life insurance sales so we do fairly well - not the top and not the bottom by any stretch - and 92% come from the IFRs scheduled by Engagex.  I mean it's all good - it certainly works for us."

Paul Hagemann

Insurance Agent

Al Tadevosyan.jpg
"One app itself probably pays for the whole year of Engagex costs, so I definitely suggest it because having appointments and being in front of customers helps retention, it gives them proper insurance.  Also Engagex is amazing.  Those 100 calls gives me 20-30 appointments a month. Those usually help a lot. There's not a single thing I can complain about."

Al Tadevosyan

Insurance Agent

Darrell Watson.jpg
"Engagex has helped me increase my production by as much as 15-20% which is huge.  Without question, I would urge agents to use Engagex.  I believe that it will help an agent to sell deeper with the customer...With Engagex it helps us to deepen the relationship and the trust that someone has with you, and it's just really important to build that relationship.  Engagex helps you to achieve that purpose."

Darrell Watson

Insurance Agent

Derek Vannelli.jpg
"It really helps me connect with my clients.  Even with me making phone calls and leaving messages along with my team members, it's just not as effective as you guys doing it.  You guys have a system down, a word track
down, and it works.  It really does."

Derek Vannelli

Insurance Agent

Kent Smith.jpg
"You're effective about getting the appointments and you also do the follow-up calls to confirm the appointment and you leave notes that go with that.  If there's ever an issue, you guys communicate."

Kent Smith

Insurance Agent

Mark Handley.jpg
"Almost every single person that you guys schedule for an appointment for me either A: shows up in person, or B: gets on the phone with me.  I don't have many no-shows."

Mark Handley

Insurance Agent

Debbie Beach.jpg
"You sent me a recording - somebody said he never set an appointment up but he actually did.  I thought the callers would sound more programmed or canned, but I was very impressed.  They were so calm in speaking with the people and I was totally blown away,
I have to say."

Debbie Beach

Insurance Agent

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