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10 Customer Insurance Review Best Practices from the Country's Most Successful Agents

Updated: May 6, 2022

For over a 15 years, we have worked with thousands of insurance agents.

Along the way, we’ve conducted extensive interviews with some of the nation’s most successful agents to see how they utilize the Customer Insurance Review to grow their agencies.

As we’ve collected this information, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best practices for implementing a customer insurance review program.

These strategies, tips, and tricks can help any agent improve the results of meeting with their customers.

Insurance review meeting with elderly couple.

1. Don’t Sell in the Policy Review Meeting

For your program to be successful, you need your customers to be willing to come back on an annual basis.

Setting the expectation that they are not going to get a sales pitch will increase active participation.

Use the meeting to gather as much information as possible – taking note of potential opportunities to cross-sell additional products.

Following up on the opportunities is a critical step in the sales process.

Evaluating your customer’s risk while identifying areas for them to save money will build value and help you to become a trusted advisor – not an insurance salesperson.

2. Don't Focus on Price

While it’s important to identify areas where your customers can save money – ensuring they are well protected is even more so.

Helping them understand their risks and how your products will protect them is an integral part of building a relationship of trust.

If the substance of your conversation focuses on price, you can be sure that your customer will not be with you long.

There is always someone that can be cheaper.

Focus on value and education so that your customer becomes a candidate for additional products and services.

To establish long term value you must maintain a marathon pace – not a sprint.

3. Avoid Scheduling Reviews at the Time of Renewal

Oftentimes, the premiums for your customer will adjust when the policy renews.

If you schedule your insurance review meeting around the time of renewal, you will likely spend your time justifying a price increase.

Set up your review appointments by moving through your customers alphabetically – not by policy anniversary date.

*While most agents we have spoken with agree with this, there are still some who schedule reviews at the time of renewal and it works for their agency - we just advise you to be aware of and prepared for the risks.

4. Call 3 Days Prior to Your Meeting to Explain What to Expect

Informing your customer of what to expect will ensure that they are prepared to have a comprehensive discussion.

If your customer is aware of the “what” to expect, you will reduce the number cancellations and no-shows.

Calling 3 days ahead of the appointment will allow your customer enough time to reschedule any other conflicts of interest.

In addition to the 3 day call, also make a quick reminder call or text the day before.

5. Set a Minimum Daily Goal for the Number of Customer Review Appointments

The power in using the customer insurance review to generate growth for your agency revolves around the consistency of your meetings.

Setting a minimum daily goal will help you set up the proper system and staffing to ensure success.

*The most successful agencies set a minimum goal of 2 – 4 customer insurance review meetings each day.

*The number of appointments you hold should correlate with size of your Book of Business - use our free Custom Insurance Review Plan to see how many you should be holding depending on your book of business.

6. Have the Customer Complete a Needs Assessment Form

The needs assessment form is the key to guiding a productive review meeting and providing appropriate recommendations.

Using the form will help you:

  • Understand their current risk profile

  • Be aware of any upcoming life changes where gaps or overlaps in their coverage may occur

  • Become informed of their goals or dreams (retirement, college, etc.)

Ideally the customer will complete the form before the meeting.

However, if they haven’t completed an assessment prior to when you meet, complete the needs assessment as a way of starting your discussion.

Read more about the Needs Assessment Form here:

7. Have Ready-to-Send Information About Your Products

Remember, the goal of the meeting is not to sell, but to investigate and educate.

Once you identify other products that will be helpful to achieving your customer’s goals, email them an educational piece.

Set a time to follow-up on the educational material to see if the customer has questions.

It’s during this phase of the review that you will attempt to sell.

Send-able information is a critical step in monetizing your customer insurance review program. Learn how to create educational content that sells policies in this blog post.

8. Train Your Licensed Staff to Conduct Review Appointments

Insurance agent trains staff members to conduct customer insurance review appointments to maximize and improve efficiency and ROI

Having the licensed staff members conduct the reviews will allow for increased bandwidth to carry out more customer meetings.

It will have a multiplying effect.

This allows for the relationship to be built with the office staff and not just with the agent.

This will be helpful for future claims handling and servicing.

To ensure consistency in the review, take care to focus on training with all staff members who will be involved.

9. Implement a Post-Meeting Follow-Up Process

If you conduct a review but you don’t follow up with the customer, you are only doing half of the review. The sales opportunities will happen through your follow-up efforts.

To ensure that nothing slips through the cracks, create a process that:

  • Documents any changes that need to be made to the account (adjustment in coverages, new contact info, etc.)

  • Sends appropriate information based on the customer’s interest

  • Schedules a follow-up call to attempt to sell additional products – as appropriate

10. Meet with Each of Your Customers Annually

Your most engaged customers will buy more, stay longer, and refer friends.

Systematically meeting with each customer will establish you as the trusted advisor.

The frequency of your interactions will determine how much value a customer perceives in your services.

Annual meetings will keep you ahead of any life changes for your customer – giving you the ability to sell more products.

There are many factors that will influence the success of your customer insurance review appointments, but these 10 components are vital to a profitable program.

Have you implemented any of these practices?

Do you have other game-changing tips?

Share them with us in the comments below!

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