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A Simple Conversation: How Customer Insurance Reviews Lead to New Sales Opportunities

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Customer insurance review meetings help agents take care of their clients.

By reviewing risks and coverage, the agent and the client are able to come to a mutual decision about how to best protect the client’s assets and well-being.

These meetings are also the best source of new sales opportunities.

In conversations about clients’ risks, concerns, future goals, and current coverage, new sales opportunities are naturally uncovered.

In the conversations we’ve had with thousands of insurance agents and surveys we have conducted, we have found that on average, each insurance review meeting results in 2 future sales opportunities.

With an 85% close rate for cross-sold policies on existing customers, you can expect to close 1.7 new policies per meeting.

Here are a few examples of how having a simple conversation can lead to new sales:

Conversation #1: Leaving the Nest

Agent: How are your kids doing? Katelynn is how old now? 17?

Client: She just turned 18.

Agent: Oh! So she'll be graduating high school soon. Does she have any plans for college?

Client: Yes! She'll be attending Northwestern in the Fall.

Agent: That's great! Are you nervous for her to leave the nest?

Client: I have mixed feelings about it.

Agent: I'm sure she'll do great. While we're on the topic, for about $15 a month,

we could get her a good renters insurance policy once she's out on her own. Can I give you a call in a few months to talk about what options you have?

Client: Sure, that would be helpful!

Agent: *Makes a note to call client in August to set up renters insurance for Katelyn at Northwestern*

Conversation #2: Newlyweds

Newly wed couple meets with their insurance agent to review policies and reduce risk.

Agent: Your mom told me you recently got married. Congratulations!

Client: Thanks! We're pretty excited about it.

Agent: Who does your spouse use for insurance?

Client: Ummm, to be honest I'm not totally sure. I think he/she might have _____ for car insurance.

Agent: Oh alright! Well let me tell you about our multi-car discount. If you had a policy with both of you on it, it would probably be about 25% cheaper than your total premium now. Do you think we could talk to him/her and set something up?

Client: Yeah, that would be great. I'll talk to him/her and see when we can come in.

Agent: *Makes note to call and follow-up sometime next week*

Conversation #3: Life for the Babies

Agent: It's been a while since we've met! How's everything?

Client: Things are going well. I'm still working at Engagex and my wife just had a baby.

Agent: Congratulations! Is this your first?

Client: No, it's actually our third!

Agent: Oh, that's great! How old are they?

Client: Aiden is 6, Jackson is 3, and Brooke is about 4 months now.

Agent: That's fantastic. I'm seeing in my notes here that you don't have any life insurance. Is that right?

Client: Yes that's right. My father-in-law is always telling us we need to get some in case something happens. How does life insurance work anyways?

Agent: Here, let me pull up this PowerPoint and we'll talk about how much it would cost, how it would help your family in case of an accident, and the different options available to you.

Once you’re in front of your clients for a policy review meeting, the conversations can flow fairly naturally.

Identifying and noting new policies is simple when you’re meeting with clients often.

Since your clients’ lives are constantly changing, meeting on an annual basis can bring up more new sales than you might think.

Are you conducting customer insurance reviews with your clients on a regular basis?

If not, now is the time to start.

Your future self (and your clients) will thank you.

The AgencyThrive Program

At Engagex, we’ve created a free program to make it easy for you to have these meetings and sell new policies.

The Agency Thrive Program includes appointment setting tips to get your clients in the door, training to teach you exactly how to conduct review meetings and sell new policies, tools to make your meetings effective, and referral program ideas to get you fresh leads.

Sign up is free for unlimited lifetime access to our AgencyThrive program! Check it out here.

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