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9 Ways to Reduce Insurance Review No-Shows

When holding customer insurance reviews, a major concern for many insurance agents is the unfortunate occasion of no-shows.

Sometimes people just forget their appointment.

Or maybe they misunderstand the purpose and importance of the meeting and simply choose to skip it.

After working with successful agents for years, we have compiled 9 tips that will help you to decrease the amount of no-shows for these important appointments.

1. Call 3 Days Before the Appointment to Review Expectations

By calling three days before, it gives you the opportunity to relay to your customer the purpose and importance of the meeting.

They may have forgotten what you explained when the appointment was set.

You can mention the specific policies you will be reviewing and what they should bring, if anything.

insurance agent calls to remind client of their review appointment

2. Call the Morning of the Appointment to Confirm

People are naturally forgetful and calling the morning before their appointment will be a helpful reminder.

It also shows your client how important the meeting is to you.

3. Consider Utilizing Text & Email

In the digital age we now live in, everyone has their phone on them.

Utilizing reminder tools such as texts or emails will greatly help in making sure your customer does not forget their appointment.

insurance agency utilizes text and email to communicate with customers

4. Send a Postcard

Send a special text, email, or a physical postcard that includes a picture of the office with a message saying something along the lines of, “We are excited to meet with you next week!”

This is one great way to show the customer how much you care about meeting with them, and will give your appointment a more personal feel.

5. Send an Information Packet

Send over an information packet that includes a summary of policies, a needs assessment form, and explains what they need to bring to their appointment.

This will keep you and your client on the same page for what to expect in the meeting.

insurance customer reads mail from insurance agency

The needs assessment form is essential for conducting a complete and meaningful review.

6. Offer Gifts or Incentives

Many agents provide goody bags or other small gifts such as calendars or mugs that will give their customer an incentive to have another review in the future.

Most importantly, it shows the customer your appreciation of their business, and taking the time to meet with you on that day.

7. Try Meeting for Lunch Appointments

Occasionally you may have scheduled meetings around mid-day.

If this is the case, you have the opportunity to go the extra mile and buy your customer lunch.

Lunch hour is a great way to fit yourself into your customers’ busy schedule, and who’s going to turn down a free lunch?

After all, the way to anyone’s heart is through the stomach.

8. Utilize Your Office Staff

Most of these ideas only take a few short minutes, but you can only do so much on your own.

insurance agent utilizes staff members to reduce no-show rates

Utilize your staff by having them assist in implementing some of these important tips in preparation for customer review appointments.

9. Nothing Makes Up for Your Long-Term Relationship of Trust

Establishing a strong relationship that your customer can rely on is essential to your agency success.

Customers are much more likely to come in for a meeting when they know and trust you.

You can work to establish or improve this level of trust by being more personal and mindful of customers’ life events.

For example, send Christmas cards or call/email the customer to wish them a happy birthday.

Use a customer-owned business when you require service.

These small gestures give your client the feeling that you are not only their insurance provider, but that you are their trusted advisor and friend.

These tips have proven to help successful agents reduce their no-show occurrences, and have a far more pleasant customer experience that will give your agency a powerful reputation of customer satisfaction and ultimately grow to success and profitability.

What other things have you done to reduce no-shows? Let us know in the comments below!

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