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Using Engagex Appointment Setting to Meet Your Life Production Goals

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

The appointments we set for you can be a driving force for your agency’s production.

If you have life-specific production goals, be intentional with the lists you use for appointment setting.

This can make all the difference.

Some agents wonder if we have a separate calling script for life appointments.

The short answer is no.

A few years back, we offered life-specific appointment setting services.

We quickly learned that these (life-specific) phone calls performed poorly in comparison to the general insurance review calls - most of the time, people don’t like to be sold to.

Staff members work together to come up with a life policy production plan

In order to meet your life goals, it’s vital to get the right customers in front of you (either face-to-face or virtually) for an appointment.

While we don’t make life specific calls anymore, the list you use can ensure that these customers are coming in for these reviews.

One of the lists we recommend you use is a list of your customers ages 25-55 who don’t have life insurance.

When these customers come in, you can do the general policy review, and see what opportunities arise for you to get them the best life insurance coverage that you can.

How have you been able to meet your life production goals? Let us know in the comments below!

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