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How do I respond to a schedule/location conflict?

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Schedule and location conflicts are important for you to respond to.

When you set up your account, you decide what time slots are available along with the location you’d like your appointments to occur in - whether that’s in the office, over the phone, in a clients home, etc.

When one of your clients requests to have an appointment at a time other than the times you’ve provided, or at a location other than your preferred location, our callers do their best to stick to your preferences.

Sometimes though, your preferences simply won’t work for the client.

In these cases, our callers will let them know that we’ll check with you to see if another time/location works for you, and we’ll call them back to confirm.

Conflicts do not count toward your monthly appointments until you respond to them. You’ll receive an email letting you know the details of the request - it’s then up to you to let us know if you’d like to accept that appointment, decline it, or suggest an alternate time or meeting place.

(Keep in mind that not responding to a conflict could cause your customer frustration - to them it looks like your office never called them back.)

You can respond to the conflict by simply responding to the email, or if you need to, you can do it through your agent portal.

The quickest way to see your schedule/location conflicts is by going to your

dashboard on the agent portal.

  • In the section titled “Action Center” you’ll see the conflict(s).

  • Click the action button next to a conflict

  • Here, you’ll see all the details of the conflict and you can approve, decline, or suggest an alternate.

    • You can also leave notes for our caller if necessary.

The other way to see your conflicts is to go to the calendar tab on your agent portal.

  • All schedule conflicts that need your attention will be red.

  • Click a red appointment

  • Either approve, decline, or suggest an alternate.

Our callers will then receive the call in their queue and will call them back to do what you’ve asked, whether that’s suggesting an alternate or setting the appointment.

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