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Are You Getting Enough Policy Review Appointments to Be Successful?

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

The easiest way to uncover new sales opportunities as an insurance agent is to meet with your clients and have a simple conversation about their current coverage, their goals, and their risks.

These conversations naturally lead to new sales. When people understand their risks in real terms, they are more than willing to purchase a policy to protect themselves. It’s just a matter of having these conversations.

How do you get enough policy review appointments?

The answer is simple: systematically work through your customer list and call every single client to set up an appointment with them.

You may choose to first identify clients you think might be in a situation when they are more likely to need a new policy.

Our suggestion is to work through an A-Z list.

Throughout the course of a year, meet with every single client in your book of business.

Insurance agent shakes hands with customer after assessing risk and reviewing/updating policies.

As you meet with each client each year, even if they don’t buy a new policy each time, you are able to take notes and gather information about what’s going on in their life.

Then when you meet again next year or the year after that, you are armed with knowledge about their circumstances.

Junior might be turning 16.

Maybe they were saving up to buy a new home.

This is the powerful information you gather through your simple conversations with each client and use to make a personal connection and sell new policies.

Setting The Appointments

This is the hard part.

Many agents choose to hire an in-house staff member who is dedicated to making calls to schedule appointments.

Some agents have an external call service make these calls for them.

At Engagex, this is the service we specialize in.

With over a decade of experience, we have perfected the process for appointment setting to become more efficient than any in-house staff member, allowing us to charge you less for the appointments we set for you.

We can easily provide you the volume of appointments you need to be successful without you ever having to think about making these calls.

Appointment schedulers sit at their computers and call insurance customers.

Here are some of the features that make us a better option compared to hiring a staff member to make calls:

  • Our callers are available after normal business hours to reach more of your clients

  • Our secure software allows us to automatically load in new calls, callback requests, disposition (result of the call) and more.

  • Our callers can make 40-50 dials per hour

  • We charge a flat rate for our per appointment packages

  • You don’t have to train any callers

  • You don’t have to handle any HR processes for an employee

  • We offer replacements for appointment no-shows

  • Our portal allows you to view your calendar and black out days you are unavailable

  • Some corporate offices subsidize our services

If you still want to set these appointments in-house, here are the best practices for doing so: 7 Ways to Optimize Outbound Appointment Setting For Insurance Agencies

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