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What does the "Appointment Guarantee" really mean?

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

At Engagex, we have unique appointment setting packages known as “Guaranteed Appointment Packages”.

If you’re on one of these guaranteed packages, you’re paying for a certain number of appointments scheduled each month.

Note: we also have "per name" packages where we call a certain number of names and set as many appointments as we can - these are different from our guaranteed packages.

Here’s what is included in your Guaranteed Appointment Package:

  • Specific # of appointments scheduled

    • If by chance we fall short on that guarantee, we'll either credit your account with $15 per appointment, OR we can roll the appointments over to the next month - you get to choose.

    • We'll handle all reschedules when necessary

    • We'll replace up to 3 no-shows each month

For you to be eligible to receive the guarantee, you have to do a few things:

  • Submit your name list(s) by the 10th of the month

    • The amount of names you send must be 10 times the amount of appointments you want us to set -

    • (For example, for 10 appointments, you must send 100 names, for 20 appointments, 200 names, etc.)

      • You must have enough available time slots on your calendar -

      • (For example, for 10 appointments, you must have at least, if not more than 10 available appointment slots, for 20 appointments - 20 available time slots, and so on.)

To get the most out of your Guaranteed Appointment Package, make sure to get us enough names on time, and keep your calendar updated with available time slots!

You can always reach out to your account manager to help you with whatever questions you have as well.


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