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FAQ: What are my list scrubbing options at Engagex?

Here at Engagex, we want to make sure we are meeting the unique needs of you and your customers, which is why we’ve provided highly customizable scrub options for every list you submit.

This means that we are making sure that no duplicate leads are called and that we aren’t calling your customers any more or less than you want us to.

The purpose of this post is to help you decide which scrub settings will work the best for your preferences and help you feel confident in knowing how each list you upload will be handled.

There are a few parameters around our handling of the lists you send us.

These determine which leads we will remove or “scrub” from your list.

Insurance agent works at computer to run a list for customer outreach.

To start, we usually scrub all leads already in another list, along with other criteria explained below.

*It’s good to keep in mind that all of these settings are easily adjustable within a range of 0 - 36 months, depending on what you prefer.

Leads with a scheduled appointment

This applies to any leads that have had an appointment scheduled by us (Engagex) in the past.

They are typically scrubbed off for 12 months following the appointment we set (which means we won’t add them to the new call list), but this is also adjustable anywhere within the range of 0 - 36 months.

Leads contacted

This applies to anyone we have spoken with but haven’t set an appointment for.

If, for example, we spoke with one of your customers and they told us they aren’t interested in an appointment, or we spoke with them, and they told us they’d prefer to contact you directly as their agent, they would be considered “contacted.”

Call center agents reach out to insurance customers on behalf of their agents.

Leads contacted are typically scrubbed off for 6 months after the contact, but this setting is adjustable for any special circumstances that may arise.

Leads completed

Generally, we call each client up to 3 times.

If we don’t reach them by the third attempt, we leave them a brief voicemail, and our system marks them as “completed” leads.

Our default scrub setting for leads who have been “completed” in this way is to scrub them off for 6 months after they’ve been completed.

If you prefer that we don’t scrub them off, we can adjust those settings.

This applies to the above scenario, but it also applies if you’ve asked us to remove someone from your list for any reason. They will be considered “completed” and scrubbed out of the next list for you.

Other Scrub Defaults

We also always scrub for any duplicate clients by phone number (within the list AND against other lists if you want) and any that have been put on our Do Not Call or Wrong Number list.

We hope this post helped you know whether or not you want to adjust the settings on your account to better achieve your outreach and appointment setting goals with us.

If you have any questions or want to adjust your scrub settings today, you can contact your account manager for help.

Call: 800-515-8734


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