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The Monetary Benefits of Training Your Agency Staff Members to Conduct Customer Insurance Reviews

Many successful agencies have multiple staff members that conduct client appointments, while other successful agencies only schedule appointments run by the head agent/owner of the agency.

We don't think that one way is necessarily better than the other.

Still, we know that there are real monetary benefits to you as an agency owner, your team, and your customers when your staff members are trained and able to conduct customer insurance review appointments.

Insurance agency team smiles and high fives each other.

Taking the time to train your staff members to conduct customer insurance review appointments can increase your profits in a few different ways.

Decreased Staff Turnover Rates

As I'm sure you're aware, churn rates on staff retention in the insurance industry are much higher than in other industries.

Insurance Journal research found in 2020 that there's a 92% failure rate for new insurance reps. (Agency Nation)

Back in 2016, a Deloitte Millennial Survey revealed that of the millennials who would likely leave their employers within the next two years, 71% felt "unsatisfied with how their leadership skills are being cultivated." (Agency Nation)

In my research, I also found that opportunities for growth and a clear career path are among the highest priorities for millennial and gen-z job seekers.

So, what does this have to do with training your staff to conduct customer insurance reviews?

With frequent, relevant training, your staff members will be ready to take on new responsibilities.

Insurance agency owner mentors younger staff member.

You can empower your employees by giving them more responsibility and authority to make decisions.

Training and trusting them to conduct customer insurance review meetings can give them a higher sense of purpose in your agency, clear growth opportunities, and lead to them taking more ownership of the work - thus meeting their career needs.

When their day-to-day meets your employee's needs, the turnover rate will naturally decrease.

Constantly hiring more people, onboarding, and training them costs significant time, energy, and money.

By taking care of your people, you improve the bottom line.

Improved Customer Experience

Review meetings are an excellent opportunity to get to know your customers and strengthen your relationships.

When your team knows how to conduct these meetings properly, you allow your customers to build connections with more than just you as their agent.

When they have questions or concerns, they'll be more confident about calling in and speaking with a team member they've already met and had a good experience with.

Insurance staff member sits with customers for their annual insurance review.

This increases efficiency, trust, and the overall customer experience, ultimately improving customer retention.

And as you know, customer retention = money.

Increased Capacity

When multiple staff members can conduct review meetings, your agency's capacity to handle more meetings increases.

More than one staff member holding these review meetings will have a multiplying effect.

More appointments = more sales opportunities, better retention rates, and a higher likelihood of generating referrals.

All of this will lead to increased revenue for your agency.

If you're considering training more of your staff members to conduct customer insurance reviews, we have a free training program for you!

Insurance agency owner trains her staff members in a group setting.

The FREE AgencyThrive program is a collection of videos and downloadable resources that will teach you and/or your staff members the why and the how to conduct customer insurance review meetings.

"When you empower your agency team, you will improve the agency culture, build confidence, and most importantly, create a world-class experience for your clients and company partners." (Sitkins)

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