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Successful Insurance Agent Stories: A Proactive Approach

Updated: May 5, 2021

Headshot of State Farm agent, Fabio Soto.
State Farm Agent, Fabio Soto

Fabio Soto is one of the many successful insurance agents we’re fortunate enough to work with.

Local to the Whittier, California area, Fabio is a husband of 13 years and a father of 4. (State Farm)

He now shares his office with his wife, Nena Soto--another State Farm agent we've been happy to work with.

An Important Career Change

After 25 years in the restaurant and hospitality industry, Fabio decided to go a different direction with his career.

“...While I enjoyed the [restaurant and hospitality] industry tremendously and was blessed beyond my dreams, it didn’t fit into trying to raise a family.

While it’s very challenging and I put in long hours, the quality of life that a State Farm agency and being self-employed affords is much more conducive to what I want for my family. Also, I’m able to be much more engaged in my community with non-profits, helping families, etc.”

Fabio, his wife Nena, and their 4 kids family photo

His agency’s mission is to “...provide customers with a personalized and comprehensive approach to their financial products and insurance needs, helping them manage risks, realize their dreams, and ultimately create their legacy.” (State Farm)

From our interactions with him, it’s evident that he’s passionate about what he does.

Reviews from his customers highlight his knowledge and his friendly nature.

He’s simply always there to help.

Opening His Agency

Fabio opened his State Farm Insurance Agency back in July of 2018.

He describes starting the business as “a whirlwind and a twilight zone” with so many things to do and to think about.

One of the many things he knew his agency needed to do was to regularly meet with their customers for insurance reviews (also known as IFRs, Simple Conversations, FFRs, PPRs, etc.).

Fabio and his wife, Nena (also a State Farm Agent) pose for a photo in their Whittier office space.
Fabio and his wife, Nena. They're both licensed State Farm agents and share their office.

At first, he and his staff took on the large task of making the calls and scheduling these appointments.

“We thought we were comfortable setting up our own appointments, and then realized that it wasn’t working.

That was really it, we were just not as effective in getting people committing to times to come in. . .

Our primary purpose is to provide services to our customers and while we’re talking about things like their bills or their coverage, it’s almost like throwing spaghetti on the wall to have to end it with, “Oh and by the way, can we get you in for an appointment?”

It just seems a little overwhelming, not only for the customer, but also overwhelming for the team member that’s trying to book that appointment.”

Fabio’s agency needed a simpler and more effective approach to setting up these customer insurance review appointments.

Increased Effectiveness

In November of 2018, he decided to use Engagex to schedule these appointments.

After handing over the appointment setting tasks to us, he and his staff members could focus better on servicing their customers and conducting the customer insurance review appointments.

Not only did the effectiveness of appointment setting improve, but their production increased as well.

“At an Engagex appointment from earlier this week, we literally only had a vehicle loan with [the customer].

Because of the Engagex appointment, I was able to do the review - It’s an insurance review, but [the customer] didn’t even have insurance with us - he has a car loan with us.

It opened the door for him to bring on his insurance with State Farm.

Lo and behold, he has 5 cars, a home, and he’s interested in life insurance!

I sent him a full proposal this week and that came from this appointment.

As I look back, the bigger cases that I’ve had have been results of these, what we call IFRs or “Simple Conversations”.”

Fabio, Nena, and their staff member's pose for a photo in their Whittier office space.
Fabio, Nena, and several of their local colleagues at the grand opening of Fabio's agency (July 2018)

The hard work they’ve put into cross-selling/multi-lining their customers has led to increased retention as well!

“One specific product that we’ve sold a lot of - out of 10 appointments, we could probably land about 5 or 6 umbrella policies.

This is something that really provides additional coverage.

Those types of things in our business make the household what we call “stickier”, meaning that the more policies they have with us, the higher the likelihood that they’re going to be with us for a very very long time.”

I asked Fabio what advice he would give to other agents who are thinking about using Engagex to set these appointments.

“The advice that I would give is that you have to do it. First and foremost, it’s a retention tool for me, and then the growth and sales part of it just happens.
If you’re doing the retention piece right, and setting up your appointments, being prepared for them and everything else, in the end I think it yields growth and sales.”

We’re so grateful for the years we’ve been able to work with Fabio and his agency.

Sure, we schedule the appointments, but Fabio and his team members’ knowledge, hard work, and proactive approach to servicing their customers is what makes their business a success.

Check out Fabio's (along with other agents') full video testimonials here!

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