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Meet the Reps that Schedule Your Appointments

Nestled in the heart of Utah county, just minutes from Utah Valley and Brigham Young Universities, Engagex makes an excellent part-time workplace for students and other bright, articulate, and friendly people alike.

Our part-time appointment schedulers are made up of future professionals- business owners, marketers, health professionals, cosmetologists, teachers - you name it.

I could go on all day about our Engagex Appointment Schedulers and how they make us what we are, but this 2 min. video will do more of that than I can in writing.

(if you'd rather watch the longer, 5 min. version, click here.)

As you heard in the video, our callers are paid based on their performance - the higher the quality of work they do, the more they get paid. Along with performance-based pay, flexibility is a big draw to Engagex for students and other part-time callers - they create their own schedules.

At Engagex, we’re so glad to be able to act as a stepping stone for so many people to finish school and get started on their careers.

Feel free to swipe through these photos of our awesome team!

Another significant factor to our appointment setting success is what we call the "Team Approach".

Other appointment-setting companies typically use a “single caller” approach - each agent who signs on to service has an assigned appointment scheduler who does all the calling for their account.

While there are some potential advantages to having one caller assigned to your account, we’ve learned that the Team Approach’s benefits far outweigh any single-caller approach.

What is the team approach?

It’s simple. Each of our appointment setters calls for various agencies throughout each shift as our calling system ensures that all customers receive the calls required to set their desired number of appointments.

Benefits of the Team Approach

Attempts to reach your clients aren’t all at the same time each day as if you had only one assigned caller to your account.

For example: If we called a specific client in the morning last time and didn’t reach them, the call will be made later in the day when it’s time for the next attempt.

You also don’t have to worry about your caller taking time off (sick days, vacation days, etc.) or even quitting! Someone will make calls regardless of time off, and employee turnover doesn’t affect productivity on your account.

While we’re confident in all of our appointment schedulers, our team approach also eliminates the slight chance that an assigned caller doesn’t quite mesh with your agency.

Over 15 years in the industry speaks for itself when it comes to our processes - we figure out what works, continue to evolve, and refine our practices to ensure the best possible experience for your clients.

Our friendly, dedicated callers are the not-so-secret ingredient to the quality appointments set for hundreds of agencies every day.

Have you considered outsourcing your appointment setting but aren’t sure where to start?

Schedule a quick 15 min. phone call with one of our reps to get your questions answered and see if we’re a good fit for your agency!

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