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How Tracking Call Information Boosts Efficiency

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

As an insurance agent, you correspond with a lot of people.

Your agency probably makes hundreds of phone calls each month and the amount of information you handle is incredible.

When scheduling appointments, make sure you keep diligent records.

This will make you more effective when dealing with your clients and potential clients.

Information to Track

  • Time and Date of Calls

  • Disposition (the result of the call)

  • Updated Information (spouse name, bad phone number, etc.)

  • Call Back Requests (specific times)

  • Specific notes about what was said or discussed

The easiest way to keep track of this information is by using dialing software that automatically tracks calling metrics and keeps records of your calls.

These kinds of systems may be expensive or difficult to implement, but are standard at most outside vendors like Engagex.

However, you may try to have your staff track information manually in customer files, it will just take more time and effort.

Information Improves Efficiency

By tracking the day and time of each call, you will have better success scheduling appointments in the future.

For example: When you open a customer’s file and notice that you’ve called them on weekday mornings with no answer, you will know to try another day or time.

Call center agents use software to track information while setting insurance review appointments

You'll also find that conversations will go smoother with your clients when you are able to refer back to the conversation you had last time.

When I started working at Engagex back in 2017, I was an appointment scheduler.

When I would call a customer back at the time they requested, it was a much smoother call when I referred back to our earlier call.

For example: "Hi, last time I called, you said you wanted to talk things over with your husband about setting an appointment, is now a better time to set that up?"

Or if they were on vacation last time you called, you can ask how their vacation went. Having these small pieces of information will make a big difference.

By paying close attention to what is said on the call, you may also be able to gather missing contact information such as spouse’s name, additional phone numbers, employment, etc.

By keeping diligent records of the calls you and your staff members make to your clients, you'll save time and retain more customers - this will save you money in the long run.

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