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Engagex: Creating Positive Interactions with Impact

Our Engagex Mission: To be creators of positive interactions

You might think of us as solely an appointment setting company, since we've been setting appointments for insurance agents for over 18 years.

Throughout those years however, we’ve been surprised by the impact of these simple phone calls, even when an appointment isn’t scheduled.

With each and every positive experience your customers have with your agency, their loyalty and trust in you increases.  

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to be creators of positive interactions.  

Aside from appointment setting, we offer a wide range of call types to ensure positive interactions (new customer onboarding, rate increase retention calls, care calls, medicare calls, birthday calls, and more).

happy woman smiles as she speaks with a customer on the phone.

How do we ensure that we create these positive interactions?

The following values provide direction to each of us as we work towards fulfilling our mission.  

Engagex employees strive to adhere to these values which guide our conversations, interactions, and work experiences.  

By speaking and living positively, we can create lasting impressions.  We understand that by improving every day, we can achieve both collective and individual greatness.


Guiding Values:

Active Listening

We listen to what others are saying - what do they need?


We commit to being reliable to each other and to our customers.

Effective Communication

We communicate clearly - we provide clear alternatives and expectations.

Positive Language

We foster positivity through our actions, attitudes, and conversations.


We are responsive to our customer and to our co-workers.



We think, strategize, and implement solutions.


We are determined to maximize our daily effort.


We put ourselves in other’s shoes - we strive to be patient and kind.


At its core, the acronym ADEPT + AGE signifies the level of skill or proficiency achieved over time.  It suggests mastery or expertise of our core values is achieved with experience and practice.  

Feel free to schedule a quick chat with one of our representatives to get more information:

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