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6 Things Your Customer Insurance Review Process May Be Missing

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Whether you've been regularly holding these meetings for years, or are just starting to get into the swing of them, make sure your Customer Insurance Review Program includes these 6 important elements.

1. Meet With All Clients Regularly (Nearly Annually)

The best way to build relationships with your clients and sell more policies is to meet with them to have a conversation about their needs and desires.

By simply getting in front of your clients about once per year or so, you can

  • educate them on policies they may not have but could benefit from

  • review for potential discounts

  • get to know them personally.

Meeting with your clients regularly strengthens your book of business more effectively and more easily than any other tactic.

2. Follow a Set Process for Conducting Customer Meetings

Many agents wing it when meeting with their customers. To be a little more effective, consider setting a process to use each time you meet with a customer to make sure you don’t miss any important information or potential cross-sell opportunities.

You can use this 12-step cycle to keep things consistent.

3. Establish a Reliable Appointment Setting Process

To meet with your customers, you’ve got to set the appointments efficiently.

How are you currently setting your appointments?

If you use an in-house staff member, consider getting them tools like a hands-free headset, a click-to-call dialer, and a standardized script to improve their dialing rates and conversion rates.

Check out this blog post to help you make the most out of your in-house calling efforts.

Engagex also provides affordable and reliable appointment setting services. We can set the appointments for you so all you have to do is meet with your customers. (you can learn more about our services here.)

4. Organize Client Information for Better Follow-Up

  • Create a working file for each client you meet with.

  • Use the same process for note taking with each client.

  • Use resource documents that can help organize your thoughts and information.

This way you can refer back to the information in the future when it comes time to adjust or renew a policy.

Insurance agent trains staff members how to conduct customer insurance reviews to increase retention, cross-selling, and referral opportunities for growth

5. Train Your Staff to Take Appointments

Many of the meetings you have with clients are fairly simple and don’t require all your personal time and attention.

Train your staff on the processes you have in place and let them handle some of the workload.

This frees up your time to sell new policies or perform other important tasks.

6. Have Ready to Send Information to Give to Your Clients

Education is one of the best methods for persuading clients to buy another policy. Have educational content ready about each product you offer in both a physical document and in digital form.

This way, you are ready to send information to your clients about their needs and interests after you meet with them. By educating your clients, you open the door for future sales.

Refer to this blog post if you need help creating some educational content.

All 6 of these components are vital to a sustainable and profitable customer insurance review program. Let us know in the comments about your successes with these meetings! We'd love to hear about it.

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