10 (More) Common Objections to Customer Insurance Reviews (Part 2)

This week, we're bringing you 10 more common objections to customer insurance review appointments and how we’ve learned to respond!

If you missed the first part of this series, you can read it here.

Common Objections & How We Respond

As a refresher, here’s our initial explanation of the insurance review appointment as written in our word track:

“[Agent] would like to schedule an appointment with you in our office. We want to confirm that you’re getting all the discounts you’re eligible for and make sure your coverage selections reflect any recent life changes or future plans. The conversation should only take 30-45 minutes.”

It should be noted that our callers use the following responses at their discretion depending on the situation.

There’s typically not a one-size-fits-all solution to these objections, because we know your clients have different backgrounds and varying needs.

“Doesn’t [Agent] know if my policies are up to date? Tell him/her to look over my policies and call me back if something is wrong or needs to be changed.”

It’s common for people to not quite understand that the review requires THEM, because their life changes are the variable that their agent doesn’t know everything about.

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There are a few different ways we handle this one:


“[Agent] wants to make sure that your policies are up to date with any changes in your life that he/she may not be aware of.”


“[Agent] likes to make sure that you understand your policies fully and you know what you are covered for, just to make sure it’s exactly what you need. It’s also a great opportunity to check for any discounts you may be eligible for.”


“Actually, that’s why he/she is having me call. He’s/she’s aware of what policies you have, of course, but wants to be sure he’s/she’s up to date with changes in your life that may affect your insurance coverage. You might even be eligible for some discounts. I schedule these meetings for him/her; would you like to set up an appointment?”

“I’ve been with my agent for 10 years and have never done a review before, why now?”


“Some [company] agents have always done these reviews and some have just started. It’s something [company] started asking their agents to do to better take care of their customers.”


“I can tell you that [Agent] has been trying to meet with all of his/her customers to do these customer reviews. It’s a free service and it’s recommended to meet every year, so if you haven’t done one before, now would be a great time to schedule a meeting with [Agent].”


“I’m not sure why you haven’t been in to do a review, but I do know these meetings are very beneficial. It’s a great way to make sure you understand your policies and to see if there are any discounts you might be eligible for.”


“Even if you’ve never done a review before, it’s a good idea to come in and talk with [Agent]. He/she wants to make sure your insurance needs are being taken care of. It’s a free service and a great opportunity to be sure you are receiving the best rates and discounts.”

“I’ve done a review before, I don’t need another one.”

While the time between reviews varies depending on your agency’s goals, these appointments are ideally held annually with each household.

Held too often with little or no value added to the experience can make your customers less inclined to come in again.

Appointment setter explains the importance of customer insurance review appointments.

On the other hand, if they’re held inconsistently, your customers might be confused about why you’d like to meet in the first place.


"How long ago was the review if you don’t mind me asking?”

[If less than 12 months ago] - “Great! Were you able to review all of your policies with [agent] at that time?”

[if yes] - “I didn’t realize you met with him/her recently. I’ll go ahead and update my records. [Agent] recommends a review every 1-2 years so we will most likely be giving you a call in the future to schedule you for a review. [Agent] wants me to let you know that he/she appreciates your business and if you need anything or have questions, don’t hesitate to give them a call.”

[more than 12 months] - “As you probably remember, the purpose of the review is to make sure that your coverage is keeping up with any possible life changes, and to make sure you are receiving all the possible discounts you may be eligible for. [Agent] recommends having this review every 1 to 2 years, so he/she asked me to give you a call to see if you’d like to come in for a review.”

“[Agent] is my friend. I see him/her all the time.”


“Oh that’s great! I didn’t know that. He/she did give me your number to call though, because I understand it’s time for your customer review. If you don’t mind me asking, when was the last time you reviewed your policies with [Agent]?”

“Can you tell me which policies I have with [Agent]?”

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“I’m sorry, I don’t have your policies in front of me. It’s just a review to go over whatever policies you have with [Agent] at [Company]."


“Due to privacy reasons, I only have access to your name and phone number. I’m a scheduler, not a licensed agent, so I don’t have access to your policies. [Agent] will be able to tell you exactly what you have during your customer review meeting, though.”

“Why are my insurance rates going up?”

At Engagex, our callers are not licensed in insurance.

Our specialty is getting people in front of you so that you, the expert, can do what you do best!

Questions like this are a great opportunity for us to get your customers in for an appointment.


“I work in the scheduling department, so I’m not able to answer that question. But that’s a great question to ask [Agent] during your insurance review meeting.”


“I’m not sure why your rates are going up, I’m not licensed in insurance, but that’s what these reviews are for - to make sure you understand what coverage you’re paying for, and to make sure your coverage meets your needs. When you come in for a review, it’s also a great time to check for discounts!”

“What do you mean by “life changes”? What life changes are you talking about?”


“[Agent] is the expert on insurance, I’m not a licensed staff member as I work in the scheduling department. That would be a great question to ask him/her when you come in for a customer review.”


“Minor things can affect your policies in major ways, but since I’m not licensed in insurance, that would be something to discuss with [Agent].”

“Can you just email me the information and I’ll set up an appointment that way?”


“We actually don’t have anything to send via email. The purpose of the meeting is to review your current policies and check for discounts.”


“[Agent] has me making calls all day to set up these appointments, so the available dates and times change frequently. Is there a better time I can call back so we can figure out a time for you to come in?”

“Put me down tentatively. I think I’ll be able to make it, but if not, I’ll just call the office.”

At Engagex, we don't set tentative appointments.

Our job is to get people into your office to meet with you, and if we were to set tentative appointments, your no-show rates would be much higher than you'd like.


“[Agent] values your time as well as his/hers. Is there a more definite date we could set? [Agent] has appointments through (latest appointment available).”


“If you’re not able to make it in now, would a later date work better with your schedule? [Agent] has appointments through (latest appointment available).”


Last Resort

“If you’re not able to set an appointment now, that’s fine. Could I give you a call back in a few weeks to see if your schedule has eased up a bit?”

“I need to talk with my husband/wife.”

Young couple discusses when they can schedule their insurance review appointment with their agent.


“Okay! And just so you know, you don’t both have to be there, so if only one of you can come, that’s totally fine. Just so you know, we have appointments available through (latest date on calendar)."


“I can give you a call back in a few days, after you’ve had a chance to discuss a good time with your husband/wife. Just so you know, we have appointments available through (latest date on calendar). When is the best time to call back?”

And that's it for our second segment of common objections to customer insurance reviews!

20 Common Objections to Customer Insuran
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